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Christina and Jeff

This past summer, I traveled all the way to Tennessee to the town of Adams. There’s only one person, and one person alone that can make me escape the Maryland summer to an even more humid summer in the heart of the south. My friend Christina and her husband Jeff were celebrating their wedding anniversary. I had planned to come see them months before that, November of 2014 to be exact. Christina messaged me summer last year to let me know that she was expecting again. Her previous pregnancy prior resulted to a miscarriage, but she was happily pregnant once more! I planned to drive from Pensacola, FL to Adams to do her maternity session last November. Sadly, her second baby earned angel wings as well.

I know the past year has been rough for Christina and Jeff. I have never known anyone though that has handled a situation like this with such grace. I have seen Christina with my own kids when she came to see me last summer of 2014, and she would definitely make the best mother. She has been the best mom to her two little angels. My heart hurts for her, and I can only imagine what she is going through. At the same time, her perseverance and positive outlook is uplifting.  Earlier this year, we talked about how her anniversary is coming up. I told her I would still want to photograph her and Jeff. We made arrangements, and I flew to Nashville. They welcomed me to their beautiful home. It was a perfect southern home. Full of food, full of butter, full of love. Jeff and Christina are completely smitten with another, and anyone that will meet them would attest to how they can possibly be two of the purest, most honest, and genuine people out there.

They gave me a weekend to remember. I was surrounded by their community, their family. They showed me their home. It was truly something life altering for me even. Christina started out as someone whom took my online class, and trusted me to mentor her. She traveled to me to even talk more about where she wants to take her photography, but this time, it was different. She let me into her heart, she let me into their home. This is honest to goodness love. This is strength.

Thank you, Jeff and Christina. I would always come to Tennessee for you. I forever will long the sweet smell of the southern summer morning dew.



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