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Maggie and I met in 2014. I was in the Philippines for a few months, and she just graduated nursing school and on her way back to San Francisco. I was introduced to her by my high school friend, Erica. I was needing to shoot while I was on vacation. I on occasion shoot for myself in order to just feel like I keep the wheels turning. We did her first photos over at my coconut and coffee farm in the Philippines. Fast forward to January 2016, I was on my way to Oahu to do a workshop. I also wanted to shoot for myself when I was there. I found out Maggie just recently moved there as well! So on the morning that I was set to head back to the east coast, we woke up super early, headed out to the ocean, and took photos. I, along with my friends Patricia Allison Photography, and Sharleen Mey Photography, did a quick glamour session with Maggie! Here are a few of my favorites from her session!
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1138.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1139.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1140.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1141.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1142.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1143.jpg

Annapolis, MD Photographer_1145.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1146.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1147.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1148.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1149.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1150.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1151.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1152.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1154.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1155.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1156.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1157.jpg

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