Brittany & Kaleb | Annapolis, MD Mommy And Me Photographer

Mommy + Me Session


Brittany was my pet sitter when we still lived in CA! We absolutely adored her, and whenever my dog Patsy saw her, she would totally just jump for joy. I think she liked Brittany more than she liked us. I was so happy when Brittany mentioned she wanted to do another session when I went back. She is from Maryland, but a session in CA would be ideal for the time being that they are there. I brought them to one of my favorite locations there. I absolutely miss this location, and it’s been one of those gems I just held on to. I grew a lot there, and discovered a lot of skill sets in the location. It was perfect to do this mommy and me session there. Here are my favorites!

Annapolis, MD Photographer_0292.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0293.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0294.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0295.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0296.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0297.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0298.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0299.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0300.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0301.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0302.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0303.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0304.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0305.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0306.jpg

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