Danielle and Eric | Maryland Engagement Photographer

Danielle & Eric

I know, it’s June, and I’m finally able to sit down and blog this session! Also, there’s also oddly more sun from this session that there is today =D. Danielle and Eric just recently moved from sunny Hawaii, and they braved the snow with me! They were such troopers, and we had so much fun doing these!

Annapolis, MD Photographer_0231Annapolis, MD Photographer_0232Annapolis, MD Photographer_0233Annapolis, MD Photographer_0234Annapolis, MD Photographer_0235Annapolis, MD Photographer_0236Annapolis, MD Photographer_0237Annapolis, MD Photographer_0238Annapolis, MD Photographer_0239Annapolis, MD Photographer_0240Annapolis, MD Photographer_0241Annapolis, MD Photographer_0242Annapolis, MD Photographer_0243Annapolis, MD Photographer_0244Annapolis, MD Photographer_0245Annapolis, MD Photographer_0246Annapolis, MD Photographer_0247Annapolis, MD Photographer_0248Annapolis, MD Photographer_0249