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I always love when I get to photograph families repeatedly. During my recent trip to California, I met up with one of my old clients, The Orrs. I have been photographing them for years, including doing the newborn photos of their two daughters. Our sons have known each other since they were tots! The Orrs are a family near and dear to not just me, but my family.

It’s always such a delight working with them because they want unique and genuine photos of their families. They don’t fuss about the perfectly posed shots, instead, they want laughter and and silliness. Heck, it is their goal that they get a photo where it shows their strong connection with one another instead, and I think we did that with this session! They want photographs of their kids as they are, and it’s clients like them that have even helped me grow also as an artist. Thank you for continuously letting me tell your story, and allowing me to show how fun and colorful your beautiful family is! Here’s a *few* favorites from my session with them!

Annapolis, MD Photographer_1307.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1308.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1309.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1310.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1311.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1312.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1313.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1314.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1315.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1316.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1317.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1318.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1319.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1320.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1321.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1322.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1323.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1324.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1325.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1326.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1327.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1328.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1329.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1330.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1332.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1339.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1333.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1334.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1335.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1336.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1337.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_1338.jpg

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