P Family | Maryland Family Photographer

P Family | Maryland Family Photographer

The P family have been my clients for almost 4 years. I still remember the day they emailed me for their first session. I was sort of in a rut early 2012. Prior to their session, I applied for CMpro (you can read about my journey about it HERE.). I didn’t get it my first try, it took two tries. Meeting Vicki and Eugene came at just the perfect time for me. I was taking everything that Clickin Moms told me to improve on, and from their session, I have found my voice, and that voice has been what I’ve been using since then, and been constantly improving on. A few months later, I did get CMPro. And yes, I attribute it to being able to create new things from Family P’s first session. Vicki and Eugene, plus their kids Mark and Juliana have all allowed me to be the best artist I can be. Every session I have with them, they have pushed me to do better, be better, and see better. It has been a great privilege that they still pick me to this day. Moving away from CA, they were one of the many clients I was extremely saddened to leave behind. I foster in building great relationships with my clientele, and they are the type of clients that continuously remind me why I love what I do.

It brought me so much joy that when I announced San Francisco sessions that Vicki really wanted to have a spot. We made it happen, though a weekday, it HAD to happen. Planning it from start to finish was dream like. From the outfits, the details, down to our location of Sutro Baths. The weather cooperated, and Vicki said the magic words: “We love the wind, and we want photos that don’t focus too much on looking at the camera too much. We want connection.

At some point, Eugene had mentioned to my husband and I, (hubby was my assistant that day), on how do I come up with ideas for a shoot. The P family make it easy for me. They go with my flow, and follow my lead, no matter where I stuck them. They love the same things I love. The light, the wind, the atmosphere around us. They were not afraid to help me push the limits. I was inspired by them, and their love for one another.

I sent the gallery to Vicki and Eugene last night. They emailed me these words this morning:

I can not thank you enough for what you have created!
These are soooo stunningly beautiful and we are
beyond blessed to have you as our family photographer.
May your business continue to thrive!
I am so excited to hang some of these stunning images in our home.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart for creating
beautiful, timeless memories! You are truly talented

Thank you also! Because it’s photos like this, sessions like this, that allow me to continue to aim high and allow myself to do new things.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a supersize blog post.

Annapolis, MD Photographer_0834.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0835.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0836.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0837.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0838.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0839.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0840.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0841.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0842.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0843.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0844.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0845.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0846.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0847.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0848.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0849.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0850.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0851.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0852.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0853.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0854.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0855.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0856.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0857.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0858.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0859.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0860.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0861.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0862.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0863.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0864.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0865.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0866.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0867.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0868.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0869.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0870.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0871.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0872.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0873.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0874.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0875.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0876.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0877.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0878.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0879.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0880.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0881.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0882.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0883.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0884.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0885.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0886.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0887.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0888.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0889.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0890.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0891.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0892.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0893.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0894.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0895.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0896.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0897.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0898.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0899.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0900.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0901.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0902.jpg
Annapolis, MD Photographer_0903.jpg

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