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What is Lifestyle Photography
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When I first started out, I advertised myself as a portrait and lifestyle photographer. Someone that wanted to do the classical portraiture style, but also meld it with photojournalism. Over the past few years, I have developed a style that works best for myself and my clients. I think I have definitely made a point to get the classic poses in there, but also make sure everyone’s true personalities show up.

For 2015, I want to do more of the lifestyle part though. I’ve never really let go of this aspect with my personal photographs, and I want to extend it even more to my client work. I think I’ve definitely lacked on pushing for more pure lifestyle, rather than a combo. So let’s change that.

This would be perfect for families that would like less poses, or no poses at all. For the couple that would just like to have their everyday captured. For the new parents that want to just snuggle with their sweet baby.


But what is it exactly? How does the process of lifestyle photography works. How long do I stay and photograph? What do we get to see?

The beauty of lifestyle photography is they can be done in pretty much whatever time of the day. It could be breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon at the park. Unlike portraits, I don’t need that golden sunlight that is so well sought out by portrait photographers. I want to be capture the raw, the current, and the norm. Throw away the poses, and let’s photograph the things that your family hold near and dear to you. I personally have done lifestyle sessions for my family, and do them for myself daily, and it’s because I want to remember those little things that may seem mundane and small now, but end up being the most special to me one day. Things that may be overlooked, or activities that are so important and can be preserved only in photographs.

I would still love to plan with you guys, but it wouldn’t be as extensive as say an afternoon portrait session. Unlike portraits, with lifestyle, I pretty much encourage clients to wear whatever they’d like. Anything that they would be comfortable with, and what they normally would wear on the daily. We would like to capture the everyday. The real events that happen. What we would plan though is to see if there are any activities you would like to capture for the day, or any particular activity that your family enjoys.


To ensure we get the best of your day, and tell a full story, I would stay for a minimum 1 hour, up to 4 hours. Why so long? So we would be able to document a full story; the story of you. The story of your life. The story of your reality. I will either just be a fly on the wall, or I will be completely playing with you and your kids. The engagement of everyone is what would be perfect to capture for your photographs.


I think out of all the aspects I photograph, this is probably my most neglected one to share, yet, it has always been what I’ve enjoyed. I love documenting, whether it be posed, or lifestyle, but it’s time to put lifestyle photography in the forefront as well.


So if posing isn’t your thing, or frolicking in the grassy fields (although this is one of my favorite types of locations), think about doing a lifestyle session. Let’s tell your story. Let’s spend a day photographing a day in your life.

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