5 Images in 5 Days | Baltimore, MD Family Photographer

I was tagged this week on my personal page to do the project of taking 5 everyday images in 5 days (I tossed in an extra one for day 5). This week has been crazy for me in the personal side of life. To be vague, I am not able to take any sessions from July – October due to personal family reasons. There’s an emergency, and my boys and I are flying to the Philippines within the next month. My mom has been around the past few months to help us out with Finnegan and with the cross country move we did the past month from CA to FL. She just left this week, and it has been a whirlwind to say the least.

This project was calming, and it made me appreciate things more. It was very much needed.

I hope you enjoy these images from the past week. It’s a little glimpse into my life =)
Move to PCola_1833.jpg
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