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It’s been four and a half years since I have come home. The last time I came home, I just bought my first DSLR not knowing how to use it completely. I hate how the hectic manner of life gets in the way of seeing family. Last year, both my parents retired. My brother went home 10 years ago after retiring from the Navy and I was alone in the United States. I planned to visit. Always have. I had to visit this time, to be there for family since my brother was diagnosed with cancer. I have to put the photography business in a brief hold in order to be there, to love, to hold, and to cherish my family.

Things cannot and should not be sad. We’re here for each other. Here’s a snippet of my first week. My dad’s new dog, Fiore, whom has been a great little guy and friend to my dad. He keeps him company during his morning walks, and definitely needed with the new life of retirement.

Philippines 2014_2937Philippines 2014_2941Philippines 2014_2942It’s just me and the kids. The husband has to do his military duties. We’re going to be gone for four months. A lot of people think that is a long time. We *have* to be here, and really, compared to when my dad was gone for 11 months at a time when I was a child, this is a sort of normalcy from where I come from. It’s kind of the culture too in a sense since a lot of families have either mom, dad, or both overseas. We are lucky though to have help here. Our nanny is such great help and energy for the kiddies.

Philippines 2014_2949Philippines 2014_2960Seeing my old stomping grounds through my child’s eyes is surreal. Last time I took him here, he was 20 months old. He didn’t have questions, and the curiosity was not the same. He has a lot of cultural adjustments, but he is having a blast. We went around yesterday looking for a playground. I gave him a heads up that there isn’t one, but he still enjoyed walking around.Philippines 2014_2962Philippines 2014_2963Philippines 2014_2971Philippines 2014_2972Philippines 2014_2975Philippines 2014_2978

We stumbled upon the chapel here. It’s an extremely Catholic country, and chapels in private neighborhoods are pretty much a norm.

Philippines 2014_2982   I found a plumeria tree, and had to stick one on my hair. My hair is a matted mess since getting here. It’s similar to Pensacola weather, cooler at times, but air conditioning comes at a premium.

Philippines 2014_2984Philippines 2014_2994  I introduced Elliott to coconut and banana trees, but he doesn’t believe me because these guys were picked fresh =P.

Philippines 2014_2996Philippines 2014_3006Philippines 2014_3011Philippines 2014_3019  The sunsets here are different. They hues are to die for.

Philippines 2014_3031

So that’s week one. The next few months will be a mish mosh of personal things, and sessions that haven’t been blogged =)

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