CA Sessions Sneaks | Maryland Family Photographer

When I moved out of the Sacramento area, I thought it would be near impossible to come back. On a whim last November, I asked if there would be any interest from anyone to do a session this spring. I never imagined how well the response was going to be. All of whom were families I’ve either photographed before, or families that I didn’t get the chance to photograph before, and now have. But overall, the feeling it gave me was love. I invested a lot of my heart and art in CA. Officially closing a chapter on it was not something on my agenda. I told a friend today that it’s possibly really hard for me to let go because I had children here. I am a Californian, and I learned a lot about myself and my art here. And although I am dying to go back to Maryland, and offer the same dedication I did to my California families, I think this might just be a beautiful tradition brewing.

Anyhoo, here are some sneak peeks! Two more sessions to go today!DSC_0789DSC_1174M46A4116M46A4173Jens_6314M46A3511Untitled-1M46A2677bM46A2758M46A3342M46A3428Pritchett_5505DSC_1292Schwartz_6753M46A6268M46A6387

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