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So one of the most common things that I am asked is what did I use for a photo. I’m a bit of a camera gear hoarder, so it always varies, but I do have my favorites. Here’s the main things though, I use two different cameras.

Canon 5D MarkIII | Nikon D610

I shoot both because I teach workshops, and it’s just easier to understand settings and teach them when I understand the handle of both. Also, I do dig how different the image renditions of both bodies are. I did start as a Canon gal though!

10265513_967268296624489_3231335397544419915_oCanon 135mmL f/2.0 @2.0
I used this lens because I wanted some haze and that creamy buttery bokeh. Tip: this lens brings in a ton of haze in the camera, make sure you use your lens hood and angle down a bit so you can control the amount in camera.


Canon 50mmL f/1.2 @2.0
This is my favorite portrait lens. When I shoot teens or couples, I go between this lens and the 135mm. Unlike the 135mm, this produces a cleaner image for me. I do love my haze, but I want to be able to create cleaner portraits also. With this lens I am able to go in closer too. Notice I shoot at 2.0 with this one. I feel like this is the sweet spot for this lens.

10841942_902429279775058_3393238150491263044_oCanon 70-200mmL II IS f/2.8 @ 2.8
This is a very versatile lens! I originally bought it for sports with my oldest, but it is such a great portrait lens also. Bonus? At 70mm you can shoot a family of 4 at 2.8 and they would still all be in focus. Go further away, shoot at 200mm and you get a beautiful depth of field, at 2.8 still, and not only will your subjects be sharp, you will get a smoother depth of field. It’s fast, it’s heavy, but it’s fantastic!


Canon 35mmL f/1.4 @2.0
This is my newborn lens. I love how much space I can capture with this lens, I don’t have to do as much blanket fade since I can achieve it in camera. I can go far back, and get in close also with this guy. It is SUPER sharp.


Canon 50mmL f/1.2 @2.8
Yep! I shoot families that wide open! I just have to be far from them and land my focus properly. I use this lens in almost every family session I do also!


Nikon 85mm 1.8G @ 2.0
I was never a fan of the canon version of this lens. One of the reasons I wanted to try out Nikon was to try out this lens. This isn’t even the luxury line of this lens yet, and it is completely dreamy! It is something to compare with the canon 135mm. I keep hearing how the nikon 135mm isn’t as sharp as the canon one, but the nikon 85mm is definitely better! It doesn’t produce as much chromatic aberration for me! And it’s one of those things I tend to notice right after I post-processed an image.


Canon 135mmL f/2.0 @ 2.0
I do use this for families at times too. The only downside is that I am super far away! It’s totally worth it though.

Sigma 35mm Art series for Nikon f/1.4  @2.8

This is my go to lens for lifestyle. I feel like my colors are just so much more on point with this lens. Right out of the camera, it requires very little tweaking for me. I also enjoy how I can get in close, and get far.

So that’s it! That’s the gear I used, and what I do with them!

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