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Second Grade

Today Elliott started second grade like many other kids. This for some reason is as hard on me as his first day in preschool. This summer, we discovered new emotions, and my usually happy go lucky kid is showing signs of maturity, and a better grasp of the big world out there. At the same time, he is still so innocent, kind, sweet. We changed schools, AGAIN, but only for the better this time as we have found what will likely be our permanent home here in Maryland. He is excited about our upcoming (1.5 mile) move. He looks forward to the mornings and afternoons of walking to and fro school. I look forward to hear about his day.

I watched him walk away already saying hi to another boy. I was relieved. Nothing like being the new kid. Also, there’s just something that resonates so much with second grade. It’s a continuation of the big kid world. It’s not really like the newness of kindergarten, or first grade. This is it. They’re just that, growing, and getting bigger. I am trying to pull myself together. I am nervous and I hope he has a great day.

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Definitely not a baby anymore!



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