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I am starting a new blog feature here on my website for the wonderful people that have taken my class. I have so much joy being around a great company of photographers who always pursue to learn and inspire one another. I also have learned so much from them, and we have built a really great community of women that empower one another. So every so few weeks, I will publish a blog on an attendee and their review on my editing and workshop classes.

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“My name is Jonelle, I have been pursuing my passion of photography for about 6 years part time, in Sacramento, CA. In the last year I have become a full time Mommy and Photographer. I was so afraid to make the leap, but thanks to Winnie and her workshop my business is doing wonderfully!

Before Winnie’s class I was at a standstill in my business, I didn’t know my style and I used a million actions that I had no idea how they worked, in just one 2 hour class all of that changed. I have discovered my style, and have learned to edit completely by hand. Winnie is an open book, and no question goes unanswered. Her class wasn’t the only thing that helped me grow though, she provides a group for all her students to participate in. This group of women have become a huge support system for me, everyone is rooting for each other and we all want to see each other succeed. The benefits of taking Winnie’s class has been far more valuable than the cost. I am learning and growing all the time because of Winnie and the group she provides. Thank you Winnie!”

Thank you also, Jonelle! Here are some before editing workshop, and after editing workshop of Jonelle’s work!

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