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Commonly Asked Questions About Newborn Sessions

By Winnie Bruce Photography

Newborn photography is one of my specialties, and it’s surging into popularity over the last few years! With this, I get asked a few common questions by clients, also other photographers. Here are a few!

1. What age should my baby be when the photos are done?
I normally recommend between 4-14 days old after birth for the session. It makes it easier to do all the squishy poses for the baby! But what if your baby is past two weeks? We still may be able to get some few posed shots until 6 weeks old, not as posed, but definitely will still be as sweet! I love swaddling the babies also so even if they are past the curly 14 day old stage, we do have other options!

Cora & Joseph_9568

2. When should I book my session?
The earlier, the better! If you can get on the calendar during your pregnancy, we can ensure that we have space in the calendar during your baby’s arrival.


3. Do we bring the props to your studio?
I provide everything, all you have to do is show up =). It’s part of the service the I offer to all my newborn clients. You are highly encouraged to bring heirloom items! The more customized, the better! If you would like to bring your own outfits, keep in mind that a lot of the newborn sized outfits are sometimes bigger on new babies. The vendors that I have chosen to make outfits for my clients have perfectly sized outfits for your babies!


4. Is it really that hot in the studio?
Yes! It can be all the way up to 90 degrees. The reason for it is we are mimicking the temperature when they were in the womb. I joke that it’s like doing yoga during the session.


5. What if we want you to come to our house? Is that possible?
Yes it is! I do offer combo blanket posed photos, and lifestyle images if you choose to have photos done in your home instead.


6. Will you be taking family photos too?
Definitely! For all my full newborn sessions, sibling and family photos are always included up to 5 people total, and only an additional $25.00 per extra person after 5.


7. How long are these sessions?
The sessions can last as short as 2 hours, or last as long as 4 hours. Majority of the time is actually spent soothing and feeding the babies.

Hudson Twins_6477b

8. Do you charge more for multiples?
I do not =). I love photographing multiples! My mantra is pretty much one pregnancy, one session fee ;).

Audrey C_7425

9. What if my baby poops or pees on your stuff?
It’s totally ok! I’m a pro cleaner in this now!


10. What if I also want maternity photos? Or even birth photos.
I do offer both! If you actually bundle your birth + newborn photos, your maternity session is free!


11. What if my baby arrives early? How does this work?
If your baby arrives early, we will adjust accordingly! One of the reasons I do encourage for early booking is so that I can make sure I make room in my calendar to allow for early arrivals. As a mom of a baby that had a baby make an early appearance as well, I am familiar with the feeling!


12. How do you get the babies to sleep that well? What do I have to do?
I will help you out! I will send you a prep guide prior to your session to follow along with. I also keep white noise going in the studio, along with a space heater.


Ready to book your newborn session? You can view the newborn menu over HERE. You can also send me an email once you’re ready to book!

Winnie Bruce Photography is now booking Summer – Winter 2016/2017 babies.

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