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Vendor Spotlight – Avonli Baby

I remember when I first started newborn photography, and I was collecting a list of vendors I wanted to work with, Avonli Baby became a MUST HAVE for me. Her pieces are so unique, and they stand out! Formerly Avonli Cottage, Camilla, the creator, boasts timeless, classic, and chic designs. I always loved that her style was simple, impeccable, organic, yet always made impact in my image. That’s when you know a piece can speak on its own. The pieces are both dainty and strong.

When I first received my pieces from her, I knew right away it was quality. When I look for vendors, my goal is to be able to look at a piece and know right away who made it. That’s how her pieces are! I can pick it out of my stash, and recognize it’s hers. And they’re all so well made!

Camilla also is an extremely reliable vendor! She’s also created a few custom pieces for me as well. I love how she listens to my goals, and can put the jumbled up vision I have into a one of a kind piece.

Check out her new collection, the Winnie Rose  and the Winnie Rose Sitter Collection. I might be a bit biased towards it. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

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