Mentoring Giveaway Winner | Annapolis, MD Family Photographer

M46A0173Thank you so much for everyone that entered. It was very heartwarming to read everyone’s comments and why they would want to win the giveaway. I never would in a million years think that I would be in this position one day reading such kind words. I wish I could pick a lot more people, but there can only be one winner. I left the honors to Finnegan to pick the winner. He had a lot of fun running his fingers through all the names. I was very surprised he picked just one at first (which is all we need), then after I took that name, he realized he can take about 20 of them =P.


Congratulations, Randi! Randi shared the following for her entry:
I would LOVE to have a chance to see how you do what you do. Your photography stands out from others and just seeing it makes me want to keep learning and growing. I’m still a relatively new photographer, and I still have a lot to learn! I’ve taken a few steps back this past year after having a baby to adjust to life with four, but I want to continue to develop my craft so that I’m ready to pick up where left off when I’m ready to go full steam a head in the near future

Thank you Randi! Please email me at to claim your prize by 5pm 01/14/2015, and set up the date for your class!

Thank you so much again to all that entered. All your kind words have inspired me, and remind me why mentoring is such an enjoyable journey.

xoxo, Winnie

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